Vivien of Holloway

Me in Viv of Holloway 3 smallIn the unlikely event anyone’s wondering what I wear when I go dancing, allow me to froth about  Vivien of Holloway – clothes made physically in London, 2016 but spiritually about 70 years ago in Hollywood.

me in viv

You’re met at the door by an immaculately-dressed lady, straight out of Mad Men, wielding a tape measure. This is essential – succumb to the embarrassment, girls.Me and Katie viv of holloway low

All Vivien of Holloway garments are made to original vintage sizing and you won’t be the same size you are in any other shop. On the other hand, you won’t look like anything out of any other shop.

1950s-halterneck-new-rose-white-dress-p1992-8738_imageThese clothes are cunningly designed, with all manner of interior scaffolding (look away now, boys…) that means foundation wear is unnecessary but you have a waist like Betty Bacall and a bust like Betty Page.

My personal favourites are the halter-neck circle frocks, with their range of colourful, fluffy underskirts, and Dorothy Lamour-alike sarongs though I’m also a sucker for the high-waist, wide-leg 1940s trousers. Vivien has a thriving mail order service, but make sure you measure yourself tightly, and follow the sizing instructions to the letter.


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